Jan. 11th, 2005

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inauguation day protests

in new orleans, it's like this (featuring Howard Zinn!):

Thursday 20 January 2005
- 11am: "A Wake for Peace" Jazz Funeral for Democracy
in New Orleans, LA.
- WHAT: Traditional New Orleans jazz funeral entitled
"A Wake for Peace": Jazz Funeral for Democracy timed
to coincide with the inauguration of George Bush.
Street theater encouraged. March, rally and inaugural
ball featuring local New Orleans musicians.
- WHERE: It is projected that the staging area will be
at Congo Square (Armstrong Park) located just outside
of the French Quarter on Rampart Street. Plans are to
proceed through the commercial district down Canal
Street during office workers' lunch hour before
entering the Quarter where a rally will be held on the
Moonwalk beside the Mississippi River. The march will
then continue to a block party or other venue to be
determined in the near future.
- WHO: A coalition of groups and individuals
distressed about issues including, but not limited to,
the occupation of Iraq and other military aggression,
corporate control of America, the rollback of
individual liberties, state sponsored homophobia,
election fraud, the poisoning of the environment, and
the class warfare instituted by the Bush
Administration. Groups include military veterans,
civil rights organizations, theater groups, regional
peace coalitions, and gay rights activists.
Individuals come from all walks of life.
- Speakers: Kathy Kelly, Howard Zinn, Steve Backus,
and Dennis Kyne will be featured speakers, along with a few local activists.
- Contact to participate (2spells@bellsouth.net)
- More info (www.jazzfuneralfordemocracy.com)

(sadly, I'll be on a train and missing the whole thing)


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