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Diverse Local Communities Bring National Movement To New Orleans

What: Diverse families and communities of New Orleans will unite on
Monday, May 1st, 2005 at 8:30 am at Congo Square in Louis Armstrong
Park. They will call for immigrant rights and a just reconstruction of
New Orleans. We are all human beings. No human being is illegal, said
Brenda Murphy, one of the organizers of the event. We want fair
treatment for all immigrants, workers, and families in New Orleans.

Organized by the Unity is Power Coalition, a group of community
organizations and concerned individuals, the event will link New Orleans
to the National Day of Action for Human Dignity and Immigrant Rights. In
line with the national actions and marches across the country, New
Orleans will proudly join in the call for immigrant rights.
Specifically, the local event proposes four points of unity

-Multi-racial Unity!

-Respect and Dignity for Workers!

-Immigrant Rights!

-The just and humane rebuilding of New Orleans!

Why: Thousands of immigrants live in the Greater New Orleans area and
the Gulf Coast. They are working hard to rebuild our great city. Yet
they face homelessness, toxic working environments, labor abuse and
barriers to medical care. The majority of the current workforce in NOLA
is left sick, cheated and living in extremely unsanitary conditions.
Immigrant workers often fall victim to predatory employers, are then
left with no recourse when they are injured or not paid for their work.

Similar rallies, marches and protests will be held across the country
to protest the draconian House Bill HR4437, which passed through the
House of Representatives and is up for vote in the Senate. The bill,
which criminalizes immigrants and people who help them, launched a
firestorm this year among immigrant families, and workers.

We rally and march on May 1st to call for respect and dignity for
immigrants and workers in the rebuilding of New Orleans!

Contact: Brenda Murphy 504 606 3628, Rosana Cruz 504 442 2006

When: May 1st, 2006 8:30am

Where: Congo Square in Louis Armstrong Park 801 North Rampart Street

Who: New Orleans Worker Justice Coalition
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